March 29, 2023

Canada has, for decades now, been a popular destination for people considering immigration. Not only does Canada welcome diversity, but it celebrates it through a variety of easy, well formulated, immigration programs for business immigration, residency and citizenship. A wide range of provincial programs also offer ample opportunities to apply for more suitable and less competitive immigration streams.

Home to some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world, a world-class healthcare system, and a low crime rate across the country make Canada an ideal homeland for families. It is equally appealing to entrepreneurs and business owners due to its continuously growing economy and its political stability. An array of business immigration solutions are offered by the Canadian government. 

One such opportunity is through the pathway offered by the Canadian C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit. 

About Canada’s C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit

The Canada C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit is simply that – a work permit. It’s a visa that allows you to set up an entrepreneurship, migrate an existing business or acquire a new business and relocate to Canada. It is a popular immigration stream for both entrepreneurs and their families to not only relocate to a prosperous country but also explore a pathway to Canada residency.

Premier Consultancy’s top immigration experts have taken the time out to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Canada C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit.

Who is the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit for?

Any of the following can apply for the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Canada
  • Business owners interested in buying and operating an existing business or a franchise of a business in Canada
  • Self-employed individuals keen on starting a business of their own in Canada 

The C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit can be granted up to the age of 65 years.

What kind of business qualifies for the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit?

Most businesses easily qualify because applying for the C11 is more about the authenticity and viability of your business plan. It can be anything from a travel and tourism service to food and beverage manufacturing. However, there are some priority business categories which you can explore during a consultation with one of our top business consultants.

Can my family be included in my C11 application? How can they benefit from this relocation?

Yes! Your family can most definitely be included in your C11 application. Your spouse and dependent children are eligible to apply and relocate with you to Canada. Furthermore, your spouse is eligible for an open work permit as well as any dependents aged between 18-21 years of age.

Also, your children can enjoy Canada’s excellent public education system absolutely free up till grade 12. You and your family will also have access to Canadian healthcare systems.

What do I need to show in my business plan?

Applying for the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit requires you to submit a business plan. Your business plan needs to be a thorough preparation of how you intend to operate the business in Canada. This is assessed by the authorities to ensure the viability of your business and your intention and capabilities of operating your business. You will need to show budgets, recruitment plans, pricing strategies etc. Anything that is relevant to the practical execution of your business. We understand that this can seem a bit challenging but you can rest assured that our team has some of the best business advisors to help you build a viable business plan.

What is the ‘Significant Benefit’ that I need to show and how can Premier Consultancy help?

A crucial part of your Canada C11 application is proving that your business can provide a ‘significant benefit’ to Canada. This is evaluated by the authorities over a variety of criteria all of which may or may not apply to your business. Your business can give ‘significant benefit’ to Canada’s economy by creating jobs, by bringing innovation to services or products, or even by offering a service that is uncommon to a particular region or city. Our expert team will guide you as appropriate to your business idea and will assist you in creating and delivering on this key aspect of your C11 application.

Can C11 open a route to permanent residency for me and my family?

Yes. If you are able to successfully operate your business for at least 12 months, a pathway to Canada residency may be available. You may also qualify for permanent residency under some provincial nominee programs.

Premier Consultancy Group’s role in your application

Our trusted experts are by your side every step of the way. At Premier Consultancy we have decades of experience dealing with a diverse clientele. We understand that each case is unique with its own individual circumstances and requires constant expert support from a professional team and legal experts.

We will help you with the requisite documentation and preparation of your application, entirely. As an organisation that also offers business consultancy and company formation services, Premier Consultancy Group is uniquely placed to assist its clients. We will not only aid with feasible business plans, but we can also assure you of continued support during and after your move to Canada. Opening bank accounts,providing business addresses, ongoing tax and accountancy services – we are your partners every step of the way to ensure a successful business journey to Canada!

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