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We offer a range of Citizenship and Residency by Investment programmes. Our immigration experts will help you select the right programme to suit your personal and/or business needs. Our global reach and experience working with hundreds of international clients make us uniquely placed to help you achieve your goals.

CBI Programme
CBI Programme
Citizenship By Investment

CBI programmes grant you citizenship in another country in return for investment into government approved projects or property. Citizenship is achieved upon investment and grants benefits like visa free travel to other areas / countries e.g. Europe, as well as residency rights such as the right to live, work and study in the new country. Most programmes have little to no requirement for you to move or stay in the country to achieve citizenship by investment and you do not need to give up your current nationality.

RBI Programme
RBI programme
Residency By Investment

RBI programmes don’t immediately grant citizenship but offer you the right to live, work and travel visa free to areas like Europe in exchange for investment into government approved projects or property. These often take the form of ‘Golden Visas’, some of which offer a path to citizenship after a period of residency. These are still very attractive programmes with minimal requirement to stay in the country to maintain benefits or eligibility for citizenship.

other programme by premier
other programmes
Other Programmes

Other programmes we offer include the Canadian C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit (without LMIA). We help entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals set up or acquire a business in Canada which can later provide a route to permanent residency. We also offer business-based options to live and work in the UK, with some pathways offering indefinite leave to remain after a 5-year period.



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