C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit (Without LMIA)

As the second largest country, by area, in the world, Canada has plenty to offer its people. Its modern, multi-cultural society and a high standard of living has always made it a popular destination for living and working. Canada has a strong system of social benefits in place with healthcare, education, employment, student and disability benefits, which are accessible to everyone. This makes for a very inviting prospect for those considering any form of temporary or permanent immigration to this country.

Known to be a welcoming and generous host country, Canada has an established reputation for having some of the world’s most friendly and tolerant immigration programs in place. One such program is the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit. It allows applicants to own or start a business in Canada and eventually, if they are interested, seek a pathway to residency and citizenship.

C11 Self Employed or Entrepreneur Work Permit

C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit Benefits

  • Start your own business or buy one

You can purchase an existing business, or even the franchise of a business to apply for the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit. If you are an entrepreneur, you may want to expand your business to Canada or set up a new business in Canada.

  • No minimum investment required! Invest as little or as much as you want

Whether you are looking to operate a small business or set up a full scale business, the choice is always yours. Our experts will help you with professional advice on the financial aspects that are relevant to your business idea.

  • Accessibility to the USA and USMCA markets

Canada’s geographical closeness to the USA can open up a world of opportunities as Canada is part of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

  • Whole family can be included in application

Your spouse is eligible to accompany you to Canada as well as any dependent children.

  • Open work permit for spouse

Under the C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit, your spouse is eligible to receive an open work permit and work for the duration of your stay in Canada

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency

After successfully operating your business in Canada for 12 months, a pathway to permanent residency may be available.

  • Children eligible for free education

Any dependent children that have been included in the application are eligible to receive free education by attending any public schools.

  • Access to Canadian healthcare for the whole family

You and your family may access Canada’s excellent healthcare benefits through its provincial healthcare system.

C11 Self-Employed-Entrepreneur Work Permit Eligibility Criteria

C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit Eligibility Criteria

The C11 Self-Employed/Entrepreneur Work Permit is ideally suited to self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs and individuals qualifying for any of the Entrepreneur streams of the Provincial Nominee Programs.
Applicants are eligible if they can show that they:

  • Will have either full or majority ownership (50%) of their business in Canada.
  • Have the requisite experience and skills for operating their business in Canada.
  • Have a feasible business plan.
  • Are financially able to execute their business plan.
  • Are taking steps to implement their business plan.
  • Can confidently show that their business will give “significant benefit” to Canada.

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