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January 15, 2024

Are you considering CBI? You should be aware that more due diligence checks are being brought in.

For Dominica’s CBI programme, interviews are mandatory for all applicants and dependents over 16. These interviews can be held virtually unless in the specific case that the government requests a committee interview, which must be conducted in person in Dominica.

Dominica has also introduced additional due diligence fees for Iranian nationals –  with the possibility of extending them to other nationalities in future.

In December Antigua introduced mandatory interviews for CBI applicants, which means all Caribbean CBI programmes now have mandatory interviews for applicants resulting in additional due diligence fees. 

Antigua also has a mandatory 5 day visit requirement over a 5 year period, requiring all successful applicants to spend at least 5 days in the country before renewing their passports. This requirement is waived in certain exceptional circumstances such as old age, health limitations and conditional exceptions for minors.

These changes to programmes are an indication of enhanced due diligence and the trend towards more stringent and complex requirements. 

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