Mauritius Residency By Investment

Mauritius has long upheld its reputation as an idyllic and luxurious destination. Located just off the east coast of Africa, Mauritius is part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Its rich and fascinating history is evidenced in its vibrant culture, its architecture and its diverse people. Many trade ships in the past centuries have docked here and have brought their own influence of Arab, Malay, Portuguese or French culture. As a French and British colony, Mauritius has absorbed a rich heritage and today stands proudly on its own as a beautiful country with a stable and prosperous economy.
Whether it’s to set up a business or to acquire prime luxury real estate, its thriving business environment attracts wealthy investors from all over the world. Beautiful azure waters, pristine beaches, year round tropical climate, and an excellent standard of living make it easy to live on the island.
This makes residency in Mauritius particularly suited to digital nomads and highly paid remote workers who would like to seek a pathway to investment and wealth management while they continue to enjoy freedom of work and life in luxurious Mauritius.

Mauritius Residence by Investment

Mauritius Residency by Investment Benefits

  • Pathway to citizenship

Conditional upon continuous residency requirements, a pathway to citizenship may open up for those who are willing to relocate and are interested in becoming a citizen of Mauritius.

  • Ease of doing business

Friendly business environment with a strong financial and banking sector.

  • Whole family can be included in application

Your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents can be eligible for permanent residency.

  • Minimal taxation

Tax rate of just 15% on income with no capital gains or inheritance tax.

  • Quick processing time

Applications can be processed and residency achieved in up to 6 months

  • No minimum residency requirement

There is no minimum stay requirement for residency permit holders.

Mauritius Residency by Investment Options

10 Year Renewable Residency Program

10 Year Renewable Residency Program

The minimum investment required is $50,000 in real estate to acquire a 10 year renewable residency permit. An additional processing cost will incur depending on the applicant’s family size. Benefits of the 10 Year Renewable Residency Permit include:

  • Earning an attractive rate of return on investment
  • A bank account and a domestic company incorporated in Mauritius
  • Living and working permit in Mauritius
  • Use of a premium property in Mauritius for one week per year for themselves and their families

Permanent Residency Program

Investors who are interested in acquiring permanent residency in Mauritius can consider investment in real estate, which offers a straightforward path to permanent residency. Obtaining permanent residency through this program provides investors with long-term security and stability.

Following are the key details of the Permanent Residency Program:

  • Investment amount: A minimum of $375,000 is required to invest in a real estate project to acquire permanent residency in Mauritius.
  • Additional government fees will incur depending on family size
  • Investor does not need to travel to Mauritius to buy property
  • Investment options include high-end apartments and rentals, luxury residences and penthouses
Permanent Residency Program

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