Cambodia My Second Home (CM2H) Programme

This visa is especially suitable for digital nomads, people working remotely, pensioners or entrepreneurs looking to do business in Cambodia. Unlike elite visas and similar programmes in the region which only offer residency, this programme offers a clear pathway to citizenship. Cambodia also offers investors other benefits such as a work permit, free movement around the region (ASEAN countries), lower taxes and a lower cost of living compared to other countries in the region. Investors don’t need to tie up their capital, with property purchase part of the programme with no minimum holding period. 

This visa can provide security in times of uncertainty through a guaranteed long-term residency as a back-up option. The programme is government backed, and aims to attract middle-income and wealthy individuals to relocate to or invest in Cambodia and benefit from its fast growing economy.

Main Perks of (CM2H) Programme

Cambodia My Second Home Benefits

10 Year Golden Visa
Work Permit, Bank Account, Business Registration
100% Land Ownership through Trust Holding Account
No Physical Residency Requirements
Short Processing Time (1 month)
Free Movement throughout ASEAN countries
Citizenship Eligibility after 5 years
Family Included
Free Healthcare Coverage for 1 year
Financial Planning, Education, Legal and Tax Consultancy
No Language Test
Government Backed Programme
Property Purchase with no minimum holding period.

Comparison To Similar Programmes

Cambodia CM2H Thailand (Elite Visa) Malaysia (MM2H)
Length 10 years 10 years 15 years
Cost $100,000 $43,000* $424,000*
Work Permit Yes, as part of the programme. No (ineligible) No (ineligible)
Own Property Yes as part of application cost, minimum $50,000. Yes (Apartments only) but not part of the programme. Minimum $160,000
Land Ownership Yes (100% ownership, no restrictions) No Yes, but restrictions apply.
Tax on Foreign Income No Yes Yes
Citizenship Eligibility Yes, after 5 years No No
Processing Time Up to 28 days 1-3 months 3-6 months

*Converted from local currency to USD at the prevailing rate.

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