facebook-pixel The Danger of “Too Good To Be True” Prices
January 8, 2024

As the CBI market continues to attract high net worth individuals with money to invest, it also attracts people attempting to capitalise on growing popularity and turn a quick profit. The immigration investment market is full of programme offerings, each with its own set of requirements and benefits; however, these are complex and cannot be navigated without professional assistance in the form of agents. Legitimate agents are either directly approved by the government offering the programme or are authorised to act on behalf of an approved agent. 

There are certain things investors should be aware of before committing to a programme offered by an agent. The first of these is significantly lower fees for handling an application to a programme. Programmes have clearly defined, detailed legal requirements, including the submission of accurate documents that meet programme obligations. Preparing and submitting a file on behalf of a client needs to be handled meticulously and overseen by professional immigration advisors and lawyers. If a consultant is offering a price that appears well below market value, it is unlikely they are intending or able to oversee a successful application for their client, which takes several months. Handling an application correctly and professionally incurs significant costs to consultants, with the time needed to legally review, translate and verify documents as well as ensure they meet the programme requirements; so an “agent” offering a low service fee is unlikely to carry this out. 

Often, scammers posing as agents operate out of temporary offices with a very limited number of associated “staff members”, making recourse difficult if they disappear after failing to deliver the programme promised. For these scammers, their reputation is of little concern to them as they are not attempting to build a client base, only making a quick profit from a growing market. This will lead to a lack of transparency over application processes and fees. 

Investors should always ensure there is a written contract of service that has been read thoroughly to ensure the consultant is committed to carrying out the service completely and correctly. A knowledgeable consultant will be able to confidently answer any questions about the application process in detail even before a client signs up to their service. Additionally, reputable and authorised organisations will have verifiable reviews and testimonials from previous clients as well as a sustained social media presence. 

If you are looking for a product that involves a significant investment then professional, expert and regulated service is a necessity. Investors that compromise on service level due to fee costs may end up losing their down payments and if their application is rejected, becoming ineligible to apply to immigration by investment programmes. 

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