Cyprus Residency by Investment

Cyprus Residency by Investment offers a compelling opportunity for foreign investors to obtain legal residency in Cyprus, a picturesque Mediterranean island nation. The program aims to attract foreign direct investment and boost economic growth while providing individuals and their families with a range of benefits.

To be eligible for the Cyprus Residency by Investment program, applicants must fulfil certain criteria, including making a qualifying investment. There are several investment options available, with the most common being a real estate investment, along with other government fees. Beyond residency privileges, participants benefit from Cyprus’ favourable tax system, which includes no inheritance tax and low corporate tax rates. The country’s strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa also makes it an attractive hub for international business and trade.

Apart from its robust economic foundation, Cyprus enthrals residents with its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural surroundings. The island boasts a plethora of historical sites, ancient ruins, and traditional villages that allow residents to immerse themselves in centuries-old history and traditions. The Mediterranean climate, featuring mild winters and sun-drenched summers, complements the island’s beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, beckoning outdoor enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike.

Cyprus Residency by Investment

Cyprus Residency by Investment Benefits.

  • Path to Citizenship

After five years, you become eligible for Cypriot citizenship, unlocking a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Flexible Investment Options

Diverse investment options, allowing you to choose from real estate, Cyprus-based companies, and investment funds based on your preferences.

  • Inclusive for Family

Emphasising the importance of family, our program includes your spouse and children under 25, fostering togetherness throughout the entire process.

  • Minimal Residency Requirements

Unlike other programs, there is no need for full-time residency; you are only required to visit Cyprus once every two years.

  • Efficient Application Process

A smooth and successful approval process, and processed within two months.

  • Top-Quality Education for Dependents

Reputable schools with exceptional English courses, ensuring a promising future for your children’s education

  • Renewing the Residency

If seeking only residency, the applicant can renew it every 2 years by maintaining property ownership.

Cyprus Residency by Investment Options

The applicant is required to invest a minimum of €300,000 in one of the following categories:

Cyprus New Residential Property

New Residential Property

This could be a newly built house or apartment, purchased for a minimum of €300,000 plus VAT. The real estate options that qualify for this investment can be found on the list of suitable properties. Alternatively, the applicant can buy two properties for the total amount, and these properties can be acquired from different development companies. It’s also worth noting that Off Plan properties are eligible, regardless of their delivery date. If the applicant and spouse make a joint purchase, the total investment should still be at least €300,000 plus VAT for one or two properties.

Commercial Properties

This category includes various types of properties such as offices, shops, hotels, and related developments. The investment can also be a combination of these properties, including resales or used properties.

cyprus residency by investment Commercial Properties
Invest in Cyprus Company's share capital

Invest in Cyprus Company's share capital

The applicant has the option to either purchase shares in an existing Cyprus company or establish their own company in the Republic of Cyprus and invest in its share capital. The company should have a proven physical presence and a minimum of five (5) employees.

Invest in Units of Cyprus Investment Organization of Collective Investments (AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF):

The applicant can invest in units offered by any of the above-mentioned Cyprus Investment Organizations.

Invest in Units of Cyprus Investment Organization of Collective Investments

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