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March 8, 2023

As globalisation continues to make the world a smaller place, concepts of an integrated global community are not only a reality, but fast becoming a norm. It is becoming easier and easier to do business across borders and travel frequently for work and pleasure.

This has been given an impetus partly by Covid’19 creating a necessity to liaise and conduct business more efficiently. And partly by the availability of effective solutions like citizenship by investment and second passport programs which make personal, business and financial mobility possible.

A recent surge of applications for acquiring second passports through citizenship by investment programs is testimony to the need for global mobility. 

One such program is the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program.

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment has been rising in popularity year by year

In just its first year, the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program successfully issued 61 citizenships. The number since then has risen to 568 successful citizenships till 2021. There have been many factors contributing to a rising demand to acquire a St. Lucia passport by applying for its citizenship by investment program. Other than benefits like visa free travel to 131 countries, recognition of lifetime dual citizenship and a lenient tax regime, there are some aspects of the program that have stood apart. These features have ensured St. Lucia’s top spot amongst the best citizenship by investment programs for 2023.

Some of the highlights of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program are as follows:

Trendsetter since inception

The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program was introduced in 2016, and so is a fairly young program. It was the fifth Caribbean nation to offer a second passport program, and yet, from its very beginning, the program stamped its mark in the world of citizenship by investment (CBI).

The St.Lucia Citizenship by Investment program was the first second passport program to offer a unique investment opportunity: investment in government bonds.

This investment option allowed the applicant and a dependent  to invest in non-interest bearing government bonds in lieu of receiving a St. Lucia passport.

Lowest minimum investment requirement

With the lowest minimum investment requirement being just $100,000, the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program is one of the most affordable second passport programs in the market. This investment opportunity is offered through the National Economic Fund Contribution option which allows applicants to directly contribute to St. Lucia’s economy by investing in a government sponsored project.

Most affordable for families

Entrepreneurs and business owners are not the only ones benefiting from applying for a passport from St. Lucia. This citizenship by investment program is equally popular for families looking to secure their future by acquiring a second citizenship. At $150,000 as the cost for a family of four, the St. Lucia program has been continuously rising in popularity as a program suited to families. Other than the cost, the fact that applicants receive irrevocable citizenship that is transferable to future generations makes this a highly valuable investment to make. It’s a one-time investment yielding benefits for generations to come!

2023 program receives update – Get your St. Lucia passport now and recover your investment amount in 5 years

St. Lucia kicked off 2023 with a highly appealing update to its citizenship by investment program. Maintaining its lowest investment threshold in the National Economic Fund Contribution, it further reduced its minimum investment threshold required for the Government Bond Option.

Instead of $500,000, the minimum amount was reduced to just $300,000. What’s more, this amount is fully recoverable after 5 years. 

You can apply for your St. Lucia Passport today, receive it in 3-4 months, and in 5 years, sell the government bonds and recover your money back! 


The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program, in just 7 years since its inception, has established itself as one of the most easy, straightforward and affordable second citizenship and second passport programs. The application process is streamlined, provided you have the right experts by your side, the time to dual citizenship is short and the path is financially friendly.

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