Dominica CBI Requirements

Dominica CBI Requirements

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  • Minimum Investment


  • Real Estate


  • Time to Citizenship

    90 - 120 Days

  • Visa-Free Access

    140+ Visa-free destinations


Dominica CBI Programme

To qualify for Dominican citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment program, candidates must satisfy specific criteria and provide designated documentation. The following outlines the prerequisites and paperwork necessary for applying for Dominica CBI:

Dominica CBI Requirements

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Requirements

  • Age: Minimum 18 years.
  • Character: Demonstrated outstanding character.
  • Health: Must be in excellent health.
  • Criminal Record: No criminal record allowed.
  • Financial Contribution: Make a government fund contribution of at least $100,000 or invest in Dominica real estate with a predetermined value of at least $200,000.
  • Personal Interview: Undergo a mandatory personal interview as part of the due diligence process.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Documents

  • D1 – Disclosure Form
  • D2 – Fingerprint and Photograph Verification Form
  • D3 – Medical Questionnaire and Certificate
  • D4 – Investment Agreement (EDF option only) or Sales and Purchase Agreement (real estate option only)
  • Application Form 12 (two completed and notarized copies)
  • Colour copies of all passports held
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • HIV test results (for all applicants aged 12 or above)
  • Routine blood and urine test results
  • One professional reference
  • Letter of employment/financial statements
  • 12 months bank statements
  • Notarized affidavit of the source of funds
  • Detailed business background reports/resume/CV
  • Letter to the Minister
  • Proof of payment of relevant fees

CBIU does not directly accept applications from candidates but only from Authorised Agents who have been previously approved. Dominica has specific eligibility criteria for family members, including restrictions on including siblings in the application. Parents and grandparents must be over 65 years old, and children over 18 and under 30 must be in education or, if female and under 25, unmarried and financially supported by the family.

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