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September 5, 2023

Cyprus, often referred to as the “Island of Aphrodite” in ancient mythology, has a rich history that has shaped its diverse and captivating legacy. Situated at the crossroads of civilisations for centuries, this enchanting Mediterranean gem has evolved into a destination that beckons tourists with its stunning sun-kissed beaches, verdant landscapes, time-honoured ruins, and bustling cities.

The allure of Cyprus extends far beyond its picturesque coastlines and idyllic beaches. This island paradise is a testament to the enduring tapestry of human civilisation, where traces of numerous cultures have left indelible marks on its heritage. From the Hellenistic period to the Roman era, Byzantine rule to Venetian occupation, and Ottoman influence to British colonisation, Cyprus has absorbed a mosaic of influences, resulting in a unique blend of traditions and customs.

The island’s pristine beaches, such as Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay, invite visitors to unwind and soak up the sun’s rays, while the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea beckon for swimming and snorkelling adventures.

Fascinating Insights

Before we begin our exploration, let’s take a moment to unveil some interesting aspects of life in Cyprus.

Cypriots harbour a profound passion for their culinary heritage, where dining out assumes the role of a cherished tradition. Frequented at least once or twice weekly, their beloved restaurants and taverns serve as hallowed sanctuaries for savouring a delectable array of Mediterranean flavours. Curiously, the libation of choice leans away from excessive alcohol consumption, favouring instead the refined companionship of wine, light cocktails, and invigorating frappes.

Cyprus boasts an impressively low crime rate, which establishes a haven of safety and security for both its inhabitants and cherished guests. The nation also maintains a robust educational system. The predominant religious affiliation among Cypriots is the Orthodox Christian faith, and the church’s impact resonates throughout the nation’s social and political spheres.

Now that we have explored these intriguing facets of Cyprus, let us discuss top 5 things to know about Cyprus that sculpt the identity of this enthralling island.

1. Cyprus: Playground of the Gods

According to Greek mythology, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Legend has it that she emerged from the sea foam between Paphos and Limassol and later travelled to a magnificent rock formation called ‘Petra Tou Romiou,’ now known as Aphrodite’s Rock. Swimmers believe that circumnavigating the rock three times grants eternal youth and beauty—a must-visit spot for those seeking timeless allure.

Cyprus Playground of the Gods

2. A Gift to Royalty

Cyprus holds a fascinating historical connection to Queen Cleopatra and General Mark Antony. This Mediterranean jewel was once gifted to Cleopatra by Mark Antony, adding a unique layer of historical intrigue to the island’s past.

A Gift to Royalty

3. The Birthplace of Ancient Wine & A Feline Paradise

Cyprus exhibits the world’s oldest manufactured wine, Commandaria, with origins dating back to 2000 B.C. This sweet wine earned the title of the oldest ‘Appellation d’Origine’ and was renowned as ‘The Apostle of Wines’ by King Philippe of France in 1223.

In addition, Cyprus is home to an astonishing number of cats, surpassing its human population by at least 300,000. The island even hosts ‘Cat Hotels’ in some luxury establishments, dedicated to caring for and monitoring the welfare of these feline residents. Archaeological discoveries indicate that Cyprus has had a special affinity for cats for thousands of years.

The Birthplace of Ancient Wine A Feline Paradise

4. Residency by Investment Programme

This captivating nation holds a strong allure for those contemplating immigration; interestingly, Cyprus offers residency by investment. Cyprus Residency by Investment offers a multitude of compelling benefits for individuals and their families. Notably, it presents a clear path to citizenship within a relatively short time frame of five years, opening up a world of personal and professional opportunities. What sets this program apart is its flexibility, allowing investors to choose from diverse investment options, including real estate. 

Cyprus-based companies, and investment funds, tailored to their preferences and financial objectives. Additionally, the program recognises the importance of family unity, encompassing the applicant’s spouse and children under 25 in the process, fostering togetherness throughout the journey. Unlike many other residency programs, Cyprus imposes minimal residency requirements, mandating just one visit to the country every two years, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient experience. The application process is efficient and expedited, typically completed within two months.

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Moreover, families benefit from access to top-quality education with reputable schools offering exceptional English courses for dependents, securing a promising future for their children’s education. For those solely seeking residency, it’s possible to renew it every two years by maintaining property ownership. The investment options are diverse, with a minimum investment of €300,000 required, encompassing residential and commercial properties, shares in Cyprus companies, and investments in Cyprus Investment Organization units. This program offers a gateway to Cyprus’ vibrant and dynamic lifestyle while simultaneously providing a solid foundation for future growth and prosperity.

Residency by Investment Programme

5. Dive into History

For avid divers, Cyprus offers a unique opportunity to explore the Zenobia, a cargo ship that sank off the coast of Larnaca in 1980. Remarkably preserved at a depth of 42 metres, this underwater marvel includes intact carpets and vending machines, providing a captivating glimpse into maritime history.

Dive into History


To summarise, Cyprus isn’t just about its stunning beaches and clear blue waters; it also offers a captivating culinary heritage, flaunts a commendable economy, low crime rate, and top quality education.

What’s more, Cyprus provides an appealing Residency by Investment program that offers individuals and their families a clear pathway to citizenship along with a range of investment opportunities. This program positions Cyprus as an attractive destination for those looking to secure a prosperous future. Cyprus offers a truly multifaceted experience that seamlessly weaves together history, culture, and natural beauty, leaving an enduring impression on all who have the privilege to visit.

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